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The community get their name from the word koshta, which means raw silk. According to their traditions, koshti was a nickname of a king, and the Koshti are descendents of this king. They are a Marathi speaking community, and in Gujarat are only found in Ahmadabad.

The Koshti are the traditional weaving community of Maharashtra. They are an endogamous community and practice clan exogamy. The community are divided into two groups, the Debang and Garwal, each which is endogamous.

According to the Skanda Purana it was here that Devi killed a demon called Durgamasura. The temple is located in the Tilakaarnya forest. Idol of Goddess Banashankari is of Blackstone. Here the Goddess can be seen seated on lion and trampling a demon by foot. The Goddess has eight arms holding trishul-damaruga, kapaalpatra, ghanta, veda scripts and khadg-kheta. The temple has been considerably modernized in the present times. In front of the temple is a large pond called as 'Haridra Tirtha' which is enclosed by stone mantapas on the three sides.

BY AIR - There is no airport at Badami. The nearest airport is at Belgaum, 150 km away.

BY RAIL - The nearest railhead is at Badami, which is 4 km from Badami town. The trains that stop here are mainly second-class passenger trains running between Gadag and Bijapur. The tickets for these trains can be acquired half an hour before their arrival. One can also catch trains from Bijapur (163 km) and Hubli (128 km), which are well connected by road to Badami.

BY ROAD - The main bus stop is at Station Road, which is the main road of the town. The town of Badami is connected by road with Hubli, Bijapur and Bangalore (550 km). There are six buses to the towns of Bijapur and Hubli. It takes 4 hours to reach Bijapur and 3 hours to reach Hubli from Badami. There are four daily buses to Bangalore, which takes 12 hours to reach. The bus service to the nearby historical places of Aihole and Pattadakal is good. One can also take taxis to these places.

A number of annual temple festivals are held in towns near Badami. The annual temple festival, held at Banashankari, in the month of January-February is worth visiting; so are the Virupaksha Temple Car Festival and Mallikarjuna Temple Festival held in Pattadakal during March-April.

Badami is famous for its rock-cut cave temples. These temples have been carved out on the red sandstone hills that surround the town. There are four cave temples at Badami. These temples date back to the 6th and 7th centuries ad and ornately carved with figures of Hindu deities. Three temples are dedicated to Hindu gods. The fourth one is a Jain temple and was built much later. Near these caves lies the 5th-century Agastyatirtha Tank, dotted with Bhuthnath temples, dedicated to Lord Shiva. The archeological museum is located near this tank, which in turn is near the historic Badami Fort.

Badami is well known for its rich history and ancient architecture. It was the ancient capital of the early Chalukya kingdom. A number of richly carved monuments and caves belonging to Chalukyas, dating back to the 6th and 7th centuries can be found here. The Chalukyas laid the foundation of a unique style of architecture, which is a fine blend of North Indian Nagara style and the South Indian Dravidian style of architecture. The architecture and sculptures created in Badami during the time of the Chalukyas inspired later-day architectural and sculpting traditions. A number of places of historical importance are situated near Badami.

A number of historical spots lie around Badami.
The historic village of Pattadakal is 20 km from Badami. It was the second capital of the Chalukyas and important state functions during the reigns of the Chalukyas were held here. It has many temples dating back to 6th and 7th centuries. Pattadakal is famous for its 150 temples constructed within a radius of 48 km by the Chalukya kings. The famous ones are Papanatha, Kashivishvanatha, Jambulinga, Galganatha, Sangamesvara, Mallikarjuna, and Virupaksha.

Aihole, 46 km from Badami, was an important place during the Chalukya period and has a number of richly carved Hindu temples dating back to 6th to 8th century ad. Mahakuta Temple and Naganath Temple are about 10 km east of Badami (on the way to Aihole), Aihole is situated on the banks of river Malaprabha at a distance of 483 km from Bangalore. Here, the cave temple of Ravana Phadi stands all by itself backed against the rocky hill out of which it has been carved. The sculptures here are superb, particularly the beautiful dancing Shiva who seems to be trembling with motion.Banashankari is 5 km southeast of Badami (on the way to Pattadakal). Gulegud (24 km) and Lakkundi (82 km) are other important historical places.

Hampi has been declared a World Heritage site.The Anjaneya Hill, just across the river is believed to be the place where Añjanā gave birth to Hanuman. Rishimukh island is the place where Hanuman first meets Rama and Lakshamana. This is a holy place for the Hindus. You can spot a hermitage at the center of this island. A bit east in the island is the Chandramouliswara Temple . Sugreeva’s Cave is located on the banks of the river on the way to Vittala Temple. While Ravana taken Sita by the flying chariot, Sita dropped her jewels as a sign to aid Rama. Sugreeva find the fallen jewels and safe keeps in the caves. Later he shows it to Rama and asserts that it was Ravana who has abducted Sita. Even the marks on the rock surface here are equated with the motifs on Sita’s sari (costume). Next to it is a pond known after Sita’s name.

The riverbank near Kodandarama Temple , near the Sugreeva’s cave is the place where Rama crowned Sugreeva after killing Vali.
Malyantha Hill , Rama and Lakskmana waited here during the rainy season before raiding Lanka. A cleft on top of the hill is believed to have caused by Lakshmana’s arrow.

Pune – Solapur =243
Pune – Bagalkot =381
Bagalkot – Badami= 31
Pune – Badami =401
Bijapur- Basavana Bagewadi =43
Bijapur –Badami= 135
Solapur—Belgum =350
Belgum—Badami =191
Pune – Kolhapur =233

Badami-Pattadakal is about 29 kms.
Badami-Aihole is about 46 kms
Badami-Hospet is about 130 Kms (4 Hrs)
Badami-Hampi is about 175 kms(5 Hrs)

Bijapur, there is the Gol Gumbaz, Ibrahim Roza, Taj Baoli, Assa Mahal, Gaggan Mahal, Bara Khamba, and All Saints Church. The city of Gulbarga has the tourist attractions of the tomb of Hazrat Khwaja Band Nawaz Gesu Daraz and a mosque in the old fort.

Basavana Bagewadi - 43 kms from Bijapur. Basavana Bagewadi is a quaint town famous as the birthplace of Saint Basaveshwara. There are several important temples here.

Kudala Sangama in Bagalkot district, where Basavanna's samadhi is located Tha aikya linga of Basava at Kudalasangama 67 kms from Bijapur

Bijapur To Almatti: 1.5 hrs. small park and boating area. Dam site (one Km from there)

Almatti To Badami:
3.5 hrs journey

Karyakarinee mandal, 2012-2013
1. Shri. Suresh Shankarrao Tavre
    Chairman Swami Vivekanand Hsg. Society,
    Navi Sangvi,
    Pune- 411027.
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2. Shri. Dattatray Baburao Lipare
    Vice Chairman
    Plot No. 3, Kausarbaug Hsg. Soc.,
    Kondhawa Khurd, Pune 411048.
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3. Shri. Vijay Marutrao Nade
    Secretary B-1/2, Navgitanjali Hsg. Soc.,
    Aundh Road,
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4.Shri. Sunil Madhavrao Dhage
Co-Secretary 6/786, S.No. 17/3,
Near Kalyani Bungalow, Keshavnagar,
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    Vinayak Nagar, Pimple Nilakh,
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6. Shri. Pandurang Laxman Nade
    Member 480,
    Shitole Nagar, Juni Sangavi,
    Pune 411027.
    Ph. 020-27280589
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    Member 511/2911,
    Sant Tukaram Nagar,
    Pimpri, Pune 411018.
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    Chothe Member Empire Estate,
    Bldg. No. M-2, Flat No. 1,
    Chinchwad, Pune 411019.
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    Member Shivprasad,
    Plot No. 22, Davi Bhusari Colony,
    Kothrud Depo, Pune 411038.
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10.Shri. Bharat Shankar Amne
Member Abhiman Park Hsg. Soc.,
1-B, Sector 21, Yamunanagar,
Nigdi, Pune 411044.
Mob. 9822516592
11.Shri. Suresh Nivrutti
     Bugad Member 1207,
     Gurunanak Colony, Keshanvagar,
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